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HEY, im Theresa

It's your fav techie from Tik Tok.

I started my own app (BLCKPRINT) two years ago (Google needs to give me more hosting credits (LOL)

I Help 
people with their tech journeys. My experience includes Dallas Cowboys, MLB, Final Four, Houston Astros & more, therefore I come from a high level technology experience.

So, you're here because you want to create and app, or get into technology
well I can help!


If you are in your idea stage - I suggest you consult with me.

If you want to attend a free mock interview w/me - sign up here.

I try to do daily live streams on Tik Tok for an hour.

I now offer mentorship & would love to hear from you, (I'm very selective)

If you want to contact me, i'm here but give me time to respond.

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